cottage style kitchen window treatments

Cottage window treatments patterns and prints

Choosing cottage window treatments think simple. These curtains should be made of natural fabric with variety of small patterns – polka dots, flowers, checkered or plaid fabric or solid fabric with hand-made embroidery. Using a cottage treatment you may decorate it with ribbons or small bows. Never buy heavy drapes for cottage style curtains. Give preference to pastel and natural light colors as hues of blue, green, beige, off-white color […]

thermal blackout window treatments

Perfect curtains for bedroom: blackout window treatments

Blackout window treatments would be appropriate for the sun bedroom. They will protect from bright light and will weigh down the street noise. But it is better to match also light curtains for bedroom, for example, tulle curtains not to get the room constantly reigned twilight. For allergy sufferers natural fabrics are more suitable – silk, cotton or linen. But such fabrics quickly fade under direct sunlight, so they should […]

large window window treatments

Graber window treatments for your house

Choosing Graber window treatments you vote for the best quality and may be sure the product you picked up will serve you with no problems for dozens of years. Ordering large window treatments at Graber you may feel at a lost first, as each shade or blind of the company is an awesome decision to treat any of your home windows. Do not worry – the specialists of the company […]

basement window shades

Working at basement window treatments design

As a rule basement window treatments differ a bit from usual curtains or blinds you use in a living room or your dorm. The windows in basement are smaller than regular windows in the rest of your house (excluding bathroom windows). Basement window treatments picture with the curtains, blinds and shutters closed does not differ much from the usual windows picture. The difference between windows in basements view and view […]

window treatments rod pocket valance

Changing your room look with valance window treatments

The number of valance window treatments which exist on the market is great. Initially “valance” meant a short elegant curtain covering the window top and it was used separately as a decoration. Later valances window treatments started to be used together with “main” lng curtains and even over the blinds. With the help of window treatments valances you can visually make the window taller or even shorter. If a window […]

sliding glass doors with window treatments

Popular sliding glass door window treatments

The most popular sliding glass door window treatments are usual Roman or Venice blinds. They are attached close to the window glass so that the sliding of doors is provided with no problems. The the “blinds between glass” variant sliding glass doors window treatments is the most convenient one. These window treatments for sliding glass doors will be estimated by very busy people. The maintenance of these blinds is a […]

kitchen window treatments images

Modern kitchen window treatments – choose yours

Today modern kitchen window treatments include various Roman blinds and glass films which mostly serve as a part of a kitchen decor than some privacy stuff. Curtains which are often chosen as kitchen window treatments. However, now these curtains have prints very often. Animals theme, food theme, images of tasty dishes, fruit, vegetables are popular. The home owner which organize their kitchen in country style may use even kitchen towels […]

what is best window treatment for sliding glass door

Which window treatments for sliding glass doors it is better to choose

Traditional window treatments for sliding glass doors are “usual” curtains made of fabric. Natural fabric materials are preferable, especially cottom, flax and calico. Fabric curtains give your kitchen more “homey” look. It becomes more pleasant for a home owner and his guests to spend time in this room. Even a housewife, surrounded with nice decor will cook with pleasure. Choosing window treatments for sliding glass door and for your kitchen […]

best window treatments for beach house

The best beach window treatments

If you live in a house which is close to the sea shore or opens the view to ocean, you need to think at the beach window treatments choice. The curtains need to be light, leave an airy feeling from your house. They should let the ocean breeze coming inside your home and warm rays of sun penetrating through them. The most popular window treatments for the house near the […]

entryway door window treatments

Door window treatments ideas you can use

The door window treatments are mostly needed for protection your privacy. However, each home owner wishes to live in a beautiful house, so even the curtains for windows should be stylish and match the rest of your home decor and house interior. In case you have decided to stop at usual curtains from lace or any other light material or fabric, choose the one which matches the floor patterns and […]