Blinds and window treatments for your home

There are blinds and window treatments which will let you feeling privacy and at the same time the windows will let the sunlight coming inside your house. Classic blinds may turn its panels slightly to the angle you choose yourself and letting more or less light inside your room.

The window treatments blinds feature many thin strips fixed together. The blinds are constructed the way strips they can be angled with the help of a special chain and even be rotated around their axis. Some window treatments with blinds feature light silk, chiffon or lace curtains and Venice blinds attached above the window.

wood blinds and window treatments

There are special films used as window treatments which let you see everything what is going on behind the window. If you are in the room with such windows, it may seem to you you are not protected at all as it looks like windows are “naked’. However, if you look at these windows from outside, you will see a mirror and your reflection there. Not a glass. These windows with mirror reflecting treatments are very popular in high buildings in large cities. But even if you live in a small town or in a countryside and want such a mirror window film, you can get it in large home improvement stores such as Home Depot. Such windows treatments will become a cool choice if you treat the window which opens a beautiful view to a garden, sea, ocean or mountains.

Working at your home decor and interior, you may choose a different window treatment for each room. Pick simple blinds and window treatments for your kitchen and bathroom, and for living room it is better to choose classic long curtains.

modern blinds and window treatments

24 Photos of the Blinds and window treatments for your home

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