vertical bamboo window treatments

Original bamboo window treatments for your home

Popular today bamboo window treatments are usually called wooden shutters, however bamboo is a grass. It grows so fast that each day becomes 24 inches taller! One year passes and bamboo culms reach their maximum height, then it becomes dry and hard. In three years only it becomes the perfect ‘wooden’ material for making any shutters or bamboo window treatments for sliding glass doors. Such a fast growth makes bamboo […]

burlap window curtains

Burlap Window Treatments: Practical And Stylish Variant

Burlap window treatments have become very popular in recent years. Perhaps the reason is that this material is very durable and unique. The thickness of it gives a special charm, while providing great service for many years without losing its color or fresh look. Besides, burlap looks contemporary and stylish, yet can accomplish a traditional and classic interior design equally marvelously! Having such curtains in your kitchen or any other […]

garland lace window treatments

Lace Window Treatments: Make Your Interior Amazing

Have you decided to apply lace window treatments in your house interior? If the answer is Yes, then this article will only make you be stable in your decision! Lace fabrics has always been highly appreciated due to the delicate look and at the same time extravagant appearance it possesses. No matter whether you hang lace curtains in your living room or bedroom, your house will instantly acquire a sophisticated […]

window treatments for formal dining room

How to choose formal window treatments

There are no special rules when you choose your windows treatments, but when buying formal window treatments you have to do it as the room with these curtains is supposed to look stylish and elegant. Material of the formal curtins you want to choose for your room is important. In most cases, you are making your choice to recorate living room. Here silk valance treatments for windows are perfect. However, […]

entry door window treatments ideas

Door window treatments ideas you can use

The door window treatments are mostly needed for protection your privacy. However, each home owner wishes to live in a beautiful house, so even the curtains for windows should be stylish and match the rest of your home decor and house interior. In case you have decided to stop at usual curtains from lace or any other light material or fabric, choose the one which matches the floor patterns and […]

window treatments for 8 foot slider

Variants of window treatments for sliders

Do not worry if you think you need some special window treatments for sliders or vertical blinds only, but wish to have something nore original and attractive. Almost all types of curtains, Roman shades and draperies which you can find at window treatments wholesale stores will fit sliding doors made of glass and windows-sliders. The cheapest and the most easy way to provide your privacy is to find wide window […]

elegant bathroom window treatments

Bathroom window treatments will assure your privacy

Bathroom window treatments combine two main functions: they provide privacy and beautify the bathroom. Also, good window treatments for bathrooms have to let the natural light in. Choosing window treatments for bathroom, you have to consider that the bathroom is often humid and moist. You have to find the window treatments that won’t be damaged by the wet steam and temperature difference. Many fabrics are unsuitable for the bathroom, however, […]

top window treatment ideas

The most popular window treatments

For hundreds of years curtains have been the most popular window treatments. However, with the appearing of Venice blinds on the market this type of privacy window treatments started to gain more popularity. Blinds have been used everywhere – at homes, at enterprises, in hotels. Depending on the blinds material they are made of they may be used as windows coverings in hotels or as professional window treatments. Some protective […]