nautical window coverings

Original nautical window treatments ideas

No matter where you live you can bring a piece of a sea side to your home, decorating your room with nautical window treatments and ocean shore rugs. It does not mean you have to choose curtains which are made of shells or use a fishing net instead of a usual window treatment. However, these nautical window treatments ideas live as well. The home owners with a bright fantasy may […]

ideas for window treatments in living rooms

Creative window treatments which may change your home atmosphere

Change your home atmosphere and your room “mood” using the various creative window treatments which you can do yourself. It Is very easy and in most cases cheap to make these curtains and windows decoration or shutters. However, these DIY creative window treatments ideas work, and work perfectly – the magical change of your room is guaranteed. Here are some easiest and bold tips how to transfer your home from […]

ideas for sunroom window treatments

Sunroom window treatments and and how to choose them right

Making the porch or gazebo sunroom window treatments would be appropriate if the building is used infrequently, mainly in summer. Lightweight translucent fabric will protect you from the sun and create a romantic mood. White curtains will be a wonderful addition to the interior porch, decorated in country style. Popular material for window treatments for sunroom is acrylic – it is well protected from ultraviolet radiation, has the property of […]

inexpensive window treatments for sunroom

Cheap window treatments may be luxurious

Even cheap window treatments may look absolutely gorgeous when they are chosen with taste, love and care. It is a big mistake to think that expensive brand curtains or exotic shutters and blinds is a 100% success of your adorable house look. Luxurious pricy curtains may play havoc with you. Imagine the situation when a person has a modest budget and the same modest room furnished with old fashioned units […]

home decorating croscill window treatments

Croscill window treatments for refined style of your house

Extremely stylish and elegant Croscill window treatments as well as several more kinds of home textile are produced by a leading manufacturer whose main office is situated in New York. The history of a company began yet in 1946 and after the years of hard work the name this brand became a symbol of high quality, refined style and detailed design. People who prefer the production of this company highly […]

privacy sheer window treatments

Traditional sheer window treatments and other popular variants for decorating your home

Traditional sheer window treatments represent the easiest solution for decorating the window space. They are quite universal and may be suitable for any interior. Besides, they are easy to combine with other decorative elements such as swags, cornices and so on. If you want to drape your window beautifully, pick traditional teal window treatments which are so fresh, tender and so popular this season. Swag window treatments look rich and […]

fabric window treatments for sliding doors

Fabric window treatments for your room

Choosing fabric window treatments pay attention at fabric type, its color and thickness. Take into account if fabric for window treatments is patterned or solid. Many home owners are mistaken to think that only certain types of fabrics may be used for curtains. In reality fabric window treatments – draperies, valances, shutters made from various materials may be used. And the fabric may be made even from grass – bamboo, […]

popular window treatments for kitchens

The most popular window treatments

For hundreds of years curtains have been the most popular window treatments. However, with the appearing of Venice blinds on the market this type of privacy window treatments started to gain more popularity. Blinds have been used everywhere – at homes, at enterprises, in hotels. Depending on the blinds material they are made of they may be used as windows coverings in hotels or as professional window treatments. Some protective […]