arched window treatments blackout

Arched window treatments for lovers of unusual solutions

Arch windows of non-standard shapes have always presented very interesting architectural solutions, and arched window treatments may become an unusual and very expressive addition to any interior. Many people can think that choosing curtains for arched windows is an extremely complicated task. In fact, it is not so. There are several ways of draping an arch window and each of them may help to create a unique atmosphere of your […]

simple window treatments for bathroom

Temporary simple window treatments and easy curtains for your home

If for some reason you do not have curtains, but need them urgently, you may organize simple window treatments very fast. There are easy window treatments ideas how to make curtains from old fabric you have at home, without visiting any stores and spending any money. Look through your old table clothes. You may simply fix one of the units to a curtain rod and hang it over the kitchen […]

sidelight window coverings

Sidelight Window Treatments Provide Light Control And Privacy

Finding effective sidelight window treatments is not an easy thing. Perhaps the biggest challenge lays in the fact that operating window blinds are easy to make so small that they would match the narrowest side windows. And even though the operating mechanisms quite constantly limit the width most blinds are manufactured, there are certain brands and companies that provide the most wonderful models for narrow sidelight windows. One of the […]

formal bay window treatments

How to choose formal window treatments

There are no special rules when you choose your windows treatments, but when buying formal window treatments you have to do it as the room with these curtains is supposed to look stylish and elegant. Material of the formal curtins you want to choose for your room is important. In most cases, you are making your choice to recorate living room. Here silk valance treatments for windows are perfect. However, […]

french door window treatments

The features of selection of French country window treatments

Selection of French country window treatments is no less important part than the choice of furniture or wall decoration. In fact, like many others, the French country style in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom should be a holistic picture. And you should not think that window decoration is something boring. All curtains in this style have one common criterion, and it is connected with their color. Textiles may […]

easy alternative window treatments

Alternative window treatments and other variatns of window treatments

Making the alternative window treatments has its own secrets and nuances. Professionally completed, will decorate decorating the entire interior, adjust deficiencies and profitable emphasize the dignity of the room. Choosing cabin window treatments consider the shape of the windows and the overall style. Modern technologies allow to make windows of various forms: the standard rectangular, arched, bay, roof and even round. For each of these types of windows uses unique […]

elegant window treatment images

Elegant window treatmentsbring coziness and good spirits

Elegant window treatments are more important than one could think. Of course, the first their aim is to complete the entire picture of a room and bring esthetic satisfaction to the owners of a housing and their guest. The second and no less important function is protection from excessive sunlight and prying eyes. Successfully picked fabrics and patterns may influence your spirits positively, make necessary accents and even become central […]

wood cornice window treatment ideas

Wood window treatments – the best “curtains” matching any interior

While many home owners sincerely consider the best decision for cheap window blinds using plastic units, wood window treatments may become the better and more stylish decision for your home interior. The wooden blinds can be made from various materials starting from real wood, bamboo, wooden composition and ending with original resins which are wooden composite. Today bamboo wooden window treatments remain the most popular and the cheapest ones.The wood […]