window treatments west palm beach

The best beach window treatments

If you live in a house which is close to the sea shore or opens the view to ocean, you need to think at the beach window treatments choice. The curtains need to be light, leave an airy feeling from your house. They should let the ocean breeze coming inside your home and warm rays of sun penetrating through them. The most popular window treatments for the house near the […]

sliding glass patio door window treatments

Popular sliding glass door window treatments

The most popular sliding glass door window treatments are usual Roman or Venice blinds. They are attached close to the window glass so that the sliding of doors is provided with no problems. The the “blinds between glass” variant sliding glass doors window treatments is the most convenient one. These window treatments for sliding glass doors will be estimated by very busy people. The maintenance of these blinds is a […]

window treatments bay windows drapes

Bay window treatments – what are they?

Picking bay window treatments you may search for a one large curtain, or window covering, or three separate units. As a bay window is not a one unit, but typically three of them, you have a choice to vary the design of treatments for your bay window. For instance, the main, central part of the window may be left “naked” (with no curtains), and the left and right bay window […]

nautical window curtains sale

Original nautical window treatments ideas

No matter where you live you can bring a piece of a sea side to your home, decorating your room with nautical window treatments and ocean shore rugs. It does not mean you have to choose curtains which are made of shells or use a fishing net instead of a usual window treatment. However, these nautical window treatments ideas live as well. The home owners with a bright fantasy may […]

motorized window treatments for skylights

Motorized window treatments for home usage

The major consumers of motorized window treatments are elderly and disabled people who meet difficulties when opening and closing curtains when pulling them physically. It is better for them to push the button, and their motorized curtains will be opened automatically. Due to a track an a motorized system the curtains are pulled aside or closed. The motorized curtains cannot be recommended to each person who simply wishes to get […]

ideas for window treatments on doors

Designer window treatments will make your special design

Modern trends in interior design incredible attach great importance to designer window treatments. It has the polar textiles abilities to complement the interior as ideological unity of different styles or vice versa focus on some detail. Thanks to the fabric emphasizes the dignity of the designer window treatments living room, lighting, the strengths of design solutions or hidden flaws layout and elements featureless mass production of furniture, decor items and […]

horizon window treatments yelp

Horizon window treatments for any taste and need

Horizon window treatments are top quality curtains made by a world known American company. They are characterized by great long serving qualities, unusual designer decisions and an endless list of models presented in the catalogues of the company. The variety of production categories includes roman curtains and darkening shades, room dividers and shuttles, custom curtains and electric shades. Horizon treatments may be seen in most popular hotels and restaurants in […]

modern exterior window treatments

Modern Window Treatments Provide Stylish And Contemporary Look For Your Home Interior

Modern window treatments are designed to add stylish and contemporary breath to the overall interior of the house. Today there are so many ways to accentuate your individual approach to interior fashion, yet a window treatment is perhaps that very thing, which catches one’s eye from the very first glance! And if you want to make an impression on all your guests and make your living more pleasant in a […]