Cornice window treatments – an attribute of sophisticated interiors

Despite universal fascination with minimalistic trends, refined styles of interior, based on classical elements, are always trendy, and cornice window treatments are expressive attributes of sophisticated interiors. Installing such treatments suppose quite complicated individual work of designers and manufacturers because a cornice shade consists of a shade itself and a cornice hiding the mount or a frame, a string and clips. Each of the parts needs to be designed separately and in combination with each other.

Cornice window treatments can be attached either to the ceiling or to the wall. In accordance with this, cornice boards may be attached to the ceiling or to the wall. The width of the board is usually defined by the height of the wall – high walls demand wider and more solid boards which may be decorated with madallians or moldings. Lower walls demand thinner cornice boards with thin contrast stripes or ornaments. In big spaces you may use contrast colored cornice boards, and for small spaces it is better to use pastel colors of similar to the walls palette.

wooden cornice window treatments

Cornices may be made of painted wood, wooden or plywood frames draped with fabric, painted or draped gypsum plasterboards, plastic and so on. Various styles of, cornices window treatments’ presentation allow emphasizing any accent of the room. All the services connected with measurements, design and manufacturing cornices window treatments may be easily offered without going out of the house.

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