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In the decor of any room windows play a key role, that’s why home window treatments are very important. They visually widen the walls, fill the room with light and air. Window design, in particular, curtains and blinds have great value in the complete image of the interior. Therefore, you must know how to choose window treatments because the curtains should be selected based on the general concept of design.

The classic version of half circle window treatments, all familiar from childhood, the two paintings: transparent tulle or nylon closer to the window, and thick heavy curtains from the room. Such high end window treatments like transparent curtain closes the entire window opening and porter during the day and open the window frames, and before going to bed is closed to create shade.

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It is necessary to remember a few things when choosing homemade widnow treatments. Transverse stripes on the fabric visually expand the room and the vertical – above ceilings made.

To the curtains did not seem part of the wall and do not deprive the room windows, they should be a lighter shade. Bright colors create a mood, warm colors (red, yellow, pink) will make the room warmer, cozier. Cool colors (blue, gray, blue) create a sense of coolness and rest. To create a warm atmosphere are very good curtains of dense heavy fabrics, light and airy – silk, chintz, nylon curtains.

Thanks half moon window treatments can emphasize the uniqueness of the window opening. They are an excellent top of interior. But do not forget that this type of direct cornice curtains will have an exceptional view.

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20 Photos of the Home window treatments

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