Original bamboo window treatments for your home

Popular today bamboo window treatments are usually called wooden shutters, however bamboo is a grass. It grows so fast that each day becomes 24 inches taller! One year passes and bamboo culms reach their maximum height, then it becomes dry and hard.

In three years only it becomes the perfect ‘wooden’ material for making any shutters or bamboo window treatments for sliding glass doors. Such a fast growth makes bamboo an ideal resource for making furniture, shutters and even linen. If you decided to buy bamboo furniture, pick up bamboo window treatments as well. It will be a stylish, easy and very cheap decision.

bamboo window roman shade havana pecan

This is exactly this rare choice when an inexpensive stuff has good quality. As a rule, bamboo blinds and shutters are sold with no special finishing or painting , in the color which is given to bamboo grass by nature. However, nothing will prevent you from hand-painting your bamboo window treatments or choosing already painted shutters and blinds.

There are over 1,000 bamboo species, and a the quantity of bamboo window treatments ideas is endless. Each bamboo culm is different. The combination of these bamboo culms never repeats. You may spend some time and find very beautiful bamboo window treatments with unique natural ornaments. Some of these treatments for windows look like real curtains. They let the light in, but “hide” your private life. Today some companies manufacture fabric made from bamboo, and this fabric can be used to sew curtains. So bamboo window treatments remind wooden shutters or blinds and fabric curtains, but all this beauty is a recycled bamboo grass.

bamboo window roman shade havana pecan

20 Photos of the Original bamboo window treatments for your home

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