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Blinds and window treatments for your home

There are blinds and window treatments which will let you feeling privacy and at the same time the windows will let the sunlight coming inside your house. Classic blinds may turn its panels slightly to the angle you choose yourself and letting more or less light inside your room. The window treatments blinds feature many thin strips fixed together. The blinds are constructed the way strips they can be angled […]

modern window treatments for living room

Modern Window Treatments Provide Stylish And Contemporary Look For Your Home Interior

Modern window treatments are designed to add stylish and contemporary breath to the overall interior of the house. Today there are so many ways to accentuate your individual approach to interior fashion, yet a window treatment is perhaps that very thing, which catches one’s eye from the very first glance! And if you want to make an impression on all your guests and make your living more pleasant in a […]

energy saving window treatments and coverings

Types of energy saving window treatments

There are several types of energy saving window treatments which help to save the warmth inside the house and thus saving your money on electric bills. Insulated shades ( often called Roman shades) refer to the most energy efficient window treatments. Although initially they are not cheap, with time they do really work on your budget savings. The construction of these energy saving window treatments is “complicated” with several layers […]

ideas for french country window treatments

The features of selection of French country window treatments

Selection of French country window treatments is no less important part than the choice of furniture or wall decoration. In fact, like many others, the French country style in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom should be a holistic picture. And you should not think that window decoration is something boring. All curtains in this style have one common criterion, and it is connected with their color. Textiles may […]

window treatments arched windows bedroom

Stylish models of bedroom window treatments

Choosing suitable bedroom window treatments it is sometimes difficult to navigate in a variety of fabrics, colors and textures to find the appropriate style of the window in harmony with the interior design of the room. It is mistake to believe that the ready-made window treatments for bedrooms from magazines and expanses of the Internet will look in your bedroom just as perfect as you on the picture. You can […]

custom window treatments workroom

Custom window treatments – what and where to choose

Not all houses have standard sized windows, so working at such a house interior design it is better to order custom window treatments. You just have to choose the type of your future custom made window treatments, the color you prefer, dimensions. It is recommended to look through the photos of various custom window treatments online and get an idea how this stuff will look like in your room (or […]

inexpensive window treatments for french doors

Cheap window treatments may be luxurious

Even cheap window treatments may look absolutely gorgeous when they are chosen with taste, love and care. It is a big mistake to think that expensive brand curtains or exotic shutters and blinds is a 100% success of your adorable house look. Luxurious pricy curtains may play havoc with you. Imagine the situation when a person has a modest budget and the same modest room furnished with old fashioned units […]

window treatments ideas for grey walls

All window treatments ideas can be used

Using the most unusual and sometimes even strange window treatments ideas you may turn an average house into an absolutely unique, cozy and stylish home. Various things can be used as window treatments, even the most “unexpected” stuff. Window treatments give your house finished look. They serve not only for protection or private space and as an additional shield from winds and colds. Window treatments do not let all sun […]

sheer window treatments embroidered

Traditional sheer window treatments and other popular variants for decorating your home

Traditional sheer window treatments represent the easiest solution for decorating the window space. They are quite universal and may be suitable for any interior. Besides, they are easy to combine with other decorative elements such as swags, cornices and so on. If you want to drape your window beautifully, pick traditional teal window treatments which are so fresh, tender and so popular this season. Swag window treatments look rich and […]

burlap window scarf

Burlap Window Treatments: Practical And Stylish Variant

Burlap window treatments have become very popular in recent years. Perhaps the reason is that this material is very durable and unique. The thickness of it gives a special charm, while providing great service for many years without losing its color or fresh look. Besides, burlap looks contemporary and stylish, yet can accomplish a traditional and classic interior design equally marvelously! Having such curtains in your kitchen or any other […]