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IKEA window treatments – cheap, but elegant

Choose IKEA window treatments for any room in your house. Even if your budget is tough you will find the cheaper curtains ever. Lill lace curtains cost under $4,00. IKEA has been dealing with treatments for windows in most of European countries. Popular in UK IKEA window treatments¬†– Aina curtains made from 100% linen are more pricy. The set of two elegant solid IKEA Aina curtains, costing about 50 pounds […]

ideas for window treatments on sliding glass doors

Unique window treatments ideas

Even a dull looking gloomy home may be turned easily to a stylish housing when you “add” some unique window treatments to your interior design. When you hear about cool window treatments it does not mean these curtains are extremely expensive, made from luxurious materials or purchased in fashionable mall stores. Some unusual window treatments will refresh the house look and even home atmosphere. Curtains and blinds are not the […]

unique rustic window treatments

Rustic window treatments – so different

The look of rustic window treatments is not always rough and they should not look and felt heavy. Some of valance rustic window treatments can be made from calico or muslin. These curtains may also fit interior in country style. Draperies made from flannel work perfectly, plaid and checkered fabric. “Classic” rustic window treatments color scheme is natural. dark green, brown, grey, dark yellow tones fabric is the best choice […]

insulated window treatments for sliding glass doors

Insulated window treatments – the best sound protection and money saving stuff

Some people call them thermal curtains, the other – insulated window treatments or drapes. However, all these names define the lined window panels which do several very important tasks. They do not let the light in and at the same time reduce the price of conditioning your home inside. Although insulating window treatments costmuch more than any other curtains for windows, they finally save money in your budget. These window […]

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Original bamboo window treatments for your home

Popular today bamboo window treatments are usually called wooden shutters, however bamboo is a grass. It grows so fast that each day becomes 24 inches taller! One year passes and bamboo culms reach their maximum height, then it becomes dry and hard. In three years only it becomes the perfect ‘wooden’ material for making any shutters or bamboo window treatments for sliding glass doors. Such a fast growth makes bamboo […]

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Dining room window treatments: fashionable design

It is better to avoid dark, too dense tissue for dining room window treatments, which does not transmit the light. It is quite appropriate for this task to choose a bright light fabric, such as organza, tulle, voile, taffeta. Dining room window treatments can be manufactured in a simple, understated style, and can be embellished with different decorative elements. Window treatments for dining room look wonderful with pelmet. The choice […]

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Living Room Window Treatments: Deciding On Splendid Curtains

The living room is the focus of attention in any dwelling, be that a house or apartment; that’s why living room window treatments should be chosen to accentuate the extraordinary purpose of the space, to make it festive and solemn. Every guest or friend of yours, everyone present should feel warm and cozy in this room, while its design is expected to be balanced and harmonious. Any option of window […]

bathroom window roman shades

Bathroom window treatments will assure your privacy

Bathroom window treatments combine two main functions: they provide privacy and beautify the bathroom. Also, good window treatments for bathrooms have to let the natural light in. Choosing window treatments for bathroom, you have to consider that the bathroom is often humid and moist. You have to find the window treatments that won’t be damaged by the wet steam and temperature difference. Many fabrics are unsuitable for the bathroom, however, […]

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Designer window treatments will make your special design

Modern trends in interior design incredible attach great importance to designer window treatments. It has the polar textiles abilities to complement the interior as ideological unity of different styles or vice versa focus on some detail. Thanks to the fabric emphasizes the dignity of the designer window treatments living room, lighting, the strengths of design solutions or hidden flaws layout and elements featureless mass production of furniture, decor items and […]

cornice window treatments instructions

Cornice window treatments – an attribute of sophisticated interiors

Despite universal fascination with minimalistic trends, refined styles of interior, based on classical elements, are always trendy, and cornice window treatments are expressive attributes of sophisticated interiors. Installing such treatments suppose quite complicated individual work of designers and manufacturers because a cornice shade consists of a shade itself and a cornice hiding the mount or a frame, a string and clips. Each of the parts needs to be designed separately […]