fabric window treatments for sliding glass doors

Fabric window treatments for your room

Choosing fabric window treatments pay attention at fabric type, its color and thickness. Take into account if fabric for window treatments is patterned or solid. Many home owners are mistaken to think that only certain types of fabrics may be used for curtains. In reality fabric window treatments – draperies, valances, shutters made from various materials may be used. And the fabric may be made even from grass – bamboo, […]

luxury living room window treatments

What is luxury window treatments

When you work at your home decor and get a feeling something is unfinished, check if you did not forget about luxury window treatments for your room. The living room without curtains looks empty and “undressed”, even if it is furnished with the best units. This sense doubles if you have very tall windows and high ceilings. In this case buy the set of beautiful long silk, velvet or taffeta […]

easy alternative window treatments

Alternative window treatments and other variatns of window treatments

Making the alternative window treatments has its own secrets and nuances. Professionally completed, will decorate decorating the entire interior, adjust deficiencies and profitable emphasize the dignity of the room. Choosing cabin window treatments consider the shape of the windows and the overall style. Modern technologies allow to make windows of various forms: the standard rectangular, arched, bay, roof and even round. For each of these types of windows uses unique […]

home depot energy efficient window treatments

Home window treatments

In the decor of any room windows play a key role, that’s why home window treatments are very important. They visually widen the walls, fill the room with light and air. Window design, in particular, curtains and blinds have great value in the complete image of the interior. Therefore, you must know how to choose window treatments because the curtains should be selected based on the general concept of design. […]

outdoor window treatments drapes

The best outdoor window treatments ideas

Decorate your house with beautiful outdoor window treatments and it won’t resemble any other of the buildings in your district or even any house ever. There are various types of exterior window treatments you may use. Decorative shutters will add a stylish look to your house and its walls. Choosing the wooden shutters, paint them or varnish. Depending on the house style you may leave the shutters made from wood […]

nursery decor window treatments

Choosing your nursery window treatments

Choosing the nursery window treatments is a real excitement. You are decorating the room for the dearest one in your life – your child. Do it yourself, as not one designer will give the idea better than a loving parent will have. If you have a boy, use these nursery window treatments ideas which may be interested exactly for small mom’s defender. Select curtains with original prints, bright colors. There […]

best window treatments small rooms

Simple small window treatments ideas

Small size windows can be found in any room of your house, and to find small window treatments for them often becomes a real challenge. Really, most of the formal windows treatments suggest using “classic” full length curtains. However, if you want to find a nice curtain for kitchen or bathroom, it will be enough to buy short window treatments. You need not a long curtain as in bathroom it […]

victorian exterior window treatments

Victorian window treatments ideas

When your home is designed in Victorian style, choose rich heavy velvet Victorian window treatments so that the home interior will get a finished look. As Victorian epoch which lasted from 1830s to the end of 19th century suggested using various botanical and floral prints, original souvenirs brought from overseas, decorate your home according to these traditions. A typical “man’s” room in Victorian style may get heavy royalblue or purple […]

nautical kitchen window treatments

Original nautical window treatments ideas

No matter where you live you can bring a piece of a sea side to your home, decorating your room with nautical window treatments and ocean shore rugs. It does not mean you have to choose curtains which are made of shells or use a fishing net instead of a usual window treatment. However, these nautical window treatments ideas live as well. The home owners with a bright fantasy may […]

different types window treatments

Different window treatments types

The choice of curtains is a personal taste case, as the number of different window treatments types and their designs is almostendless. However, there are severail “main” tratments for windows which exist. Choosing family window treatments buy the curtains which are “neutral” in their color, design and material. It means your living room curtains or windows treatments for sleeping room or kids room should not look odd, be made of […]