Popular sliding glass door window treatments

The most popular sliding glass door window treatments are usual Roman or Venice blinds. They are attached close to the window glass so that the sliding of doors is provided with no problems. The the “blinds between glass” variant sliding glass doors window treatments is the most convenient one. These window treatments for sliding glass doors will be estimated by very busy people. The maintenance of these blinds is a breeze. You simply do not have to do anything. These window treatments are placed in vacuum between doors glasses. They are not dusted. The only one thing you have to do cleaning the doors is wiping its glass surface with a cloth and using some spray for cleaning glass.

There is also a popular way of making original window treatments – attaching special films or decals on the glass. The choice of these glass decals and treatments is pretty wide. Just visit any home improvement store – or the one which is close to your house and ask the shop assistant to show you what they have. Some home owners, especially those people who love the warmth of a cozy house, prefer buying usual curtains and attach them above the doors glass. Thus the privacy is provided and the rooms get more ‘homey” look. Bamboo shades and blinds may be used as well. Aluminum blinds as a variant of modern door window coverings in offices are popular. In case you have a wish to ” treat” sliding doors between your living room and bedroom, you can attach blinds from the side of each room.

window treatments for sliding glass door in kitchen

20 Photos of the Popular sliding glass door window treatments

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