Scarf window treatments and other interesting ideas for window decorations

Scarf window treatments are extremely popular nowadays. Such a curtain gives an esthetic and unique style to the window. The effect of lightness and weightlessness is created by a curved top of the curtain, giving an impression of a scarf, put over the shoulders on a warm early spring morning. The scarf can copy the color of the major part of the treatment or be of a contrast color solution. Better to use light and transparent materials using this style. Heavy fabric patterns are not becoming here. There are other custom ideas for window decorations. For example, you can use restoration hardware window treatments to underline the individuality of the interior. This window treatment is appropriate for a fashionable and modern rustic style of the room. The treatment is presented by different metal or wooden inserts, especially accumulated on the cornice. RV window treatments are likely to be used for making the room lighter by the usage of the remodel parts. These manipulations will give the creative and vivid effect on the ambience. Red window treatments are used for warm styles of the interiors. Room with red curtain on the window will never look dull, even if the weather outside is rainy and cloudy. If it is sunny, red curtains will play with different shades of colors. Room darkening window treatments are welcome in the very sunny rooms to save the houseowners from the heat and give some rest.

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