basement window well curtains

Working at basement window treatments design

As a rule basement window treatments differ a bit from usual curtains or blinds you use in a living room or your dorm. The windows in basement are smaller than regular windows in the rest of your house (excluding bathroom windows). Basement window treatments picture with the curtains, blinds and shutters closed does not differ much from the usual windows picture. The difference between windows in basements view and view […]

non fabric window treatments

Fabric window treatments for your room

Choosing fabric window treatments pay attention at fabric type, its color and thickness. Take into account if fabric for window treatments is patterned or solid. Many home owners are mistaken to think that only certain types of fabrics may be used for curtains. In reality fabric window treatments – draperies, valances, shutters made from various materials may be used. And the fabric may be made even from grass – bamboo, […]

diy window treatments for sliding glass doors

DIY window treatments – use your imagination

There are many types and models of curtains and blinds which are available on sale, but DIY window treatments are always the most original ones. If you really want to surprise your family and friends with original home design and unique interior, work out the design of window treatments yourself and start working at making the stuff. Try to keep in secret the process of your work to amaze your […]

wood valance window treatments

Changing your room look with valance window treatments

The number of valance window treatments which exist on the market is great. Initially “valance” meant a short elegant curtain covering the window top and it was used separately as a decoration. Later valances window treatments started to be used together with “main” lng curtains and even over the blinds. With the help of window treatments valances you can visually make the window taller or even shorter. If a window […]

no sew window treatments

Horizon window treatments for any taste and need

Horizon window treatments are top quality curtains made by a world known American company. They are characterized by great long serving qualities, unusual designer decisions and an endless list of models presented in the catalogues of the company. The variety of production categories includes roman curtains and darkening shades, room dividers and shuttles, custom curtains and electric shades. Horizon treatments may be seen in most popular hotels and restaurants in […]

trends in window treatments for 2013

Trends in window treatments popular today

This year the main trends in window treatments include various innovations which were not used widely before. First of all, one of the directions the designers and manufacturers payed much attention became motorized window treatments. The motorized system mechanism is advanced now which reduces the possibility of curtains “jam”. New standards for kids safety were approved – now traditional window treatments are more safe for children and exclude most of […]