rustic elegant window treatments

Elegant window treatmentsbring coziness and good spirits

Elegant window treatments are more important than one could think. Of course, the first their aim is to complete the entire picture of a room and bring esthetic satisfaction to the owners of a housing and their guest. The second and no less important function is protection from excessive sunlight and prying eyes. Successfully picked fabrics and patterns may influence your spirits positively, make necessary accents and even become central […]

Duette Architella insulated cellular shades by Hunter Douglas.

Insulated window treatments – the best sound protection and money saving stuff

Some people call them thermal curtains, the other – insulated window treatments or drapes. However, all these names define the lined window panels which do several very important tasks. They do not let the light in and at the same time reduce the price of conditioning your home inside. Although insulating window treatments costmuch more than any other curtains for windows, they finally save money in your budget. These window […]

beautiful window treatments surrey

Beautiful window treatments for your home

Even simple pieces of fabric with no patterns, cheap and even used ones can become beautiful window treatments. Everything depends on your taste and your talent to work with styles and details. The word “beautiful” never meant “expensive”. The beauty is the ability to match styles and proportions. If you feel you can’t afford brand fashionable luxurious and modern treatments for windows – blinds, draperies or some contemporary shades, work […]

family window treatments

Different window treatments types

The choice of curtains is a personal taste case, as the number of different window treatments types and their designs is almostendless. However, there are severail “main” tratments for windows which exist. Choosing family window treatments buy the curtains which are “neutral” in their color, design and material. It means your living room curtains or windows treatments for sleeping room or kids room should not look odd, be made of […]

japanese screens window treatments

Asian window treatments in your interior

Asian window treatments allow to give any decor interesting and stylish notes. Should not be limited only to the eastern themes, thinking through the design space with these curtains. It turns out, panel blinds fit perfectly into the modern urban interiors. For these interiors often choose smooth and dense fabric that has in its structure something smooty and shade preference to pastel tones. The most popular are here beige, milk, […]

jcpenney waverly window treatments

Waverly window treatments for lovers of retro and lavish styles

Living in so rapid and hard rhythm of contemporary life, people tend to decorate their housing with such symbols of calmness and coziness as waverly window treatments. These panels which are usually offered with grommets are extremely trendy this year. They are so simple and homelike and, at the same time, elegant and expensive so they may be used for covering the window of any room in your house. Trendy […]