french door window treatments do it yourself

The features of selection of French country window treatments

Selection of French country window treatments is no less important part than the choice of furniture or wall decoration. In fact, like many others, the French country style in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom should be a holistic picture. And you should not think that window decoration is something boring. All curtains in this style have one common criterion, and it is connected with their color. Textiles may […]

custom luxury window treatments

What is luxury window treatments

When you work at your home decor and get a feeling something is unfinished, check if you did not forget about luxury window treatments for your room. The living room without curtains looks empty and “undressed”, even if it is furnished with the best units. This sense doubles if you have very tall windows and high ceilings. In this case buy the set of beautiful long silk, velvet or taffeta […]

retro curtains and window treatments

How to choose curtains and window treatments

When you work at your home interior design and want to choose the best (in your oppinion) curtains and window treatments you should decide first which type of curtains will fit better each of your house rooms. Blinds which have become classic window treatments will perfectly match your home office design. They may be used in bathroom or in your kitchen. However, do not pick blinds for a living room. […]

arched window treatments curtains

Arched window treatments for lovers of unusual solutions

Arch windows of non-standard shapes have always presented very interesting architectural solutions, and arched window treatments may become an unusual and very expressive addition to any interior. Many people can think that choosing curtains for arched windows is an extremely complicated task. In fact, it is not so. There are several ways of draping an arch window and each of them may help to create a unique atmosphere of your […]

kitchen window treatments valances

Modern kitchen window treatments – choose yours

Today modern kitchen window treatments include various Roman blinds and glass films which mostly serve as a part of a kitchen decor than some privacy stuff. Curtains which are often chosen as kitchen window treatments. However, now these curtains have prints very often. Animals theme, food theme, images of tasty dishes, fruit, vegetables are popular. The home owner which organize their kitchen in country style may use even kitchen towels […]

ideas for sunroom window treatments

Sunroom window treatments and and how to choose them right

Making the porch or gazebo sunroom window treatments would be appropriate if the building is used infrequently, mainly in summer. Lightweight translucent fabric will protect you from the sun and create a romantic mood. White curtains will be a wonderful addition to the interior porch, decorated in country style. Popular material for window treatments for sunroom is acrylic – it is well protected from ultraviolet radiation, has the property of […]