basement window coverings outside

Working at basement window treatments design

As a rule basement window treatments differ a bit from usual curtains or blinds you use in a living room or your dorm. The windows in basement are smaller than regular windows in the rest of your house (excluding bathroom windows). Basement window treatments picture with the curtains, blinds and shutters closed does not differ much from the usual windows picture. The difference between windows in basements view and view […]

window treatments wholesale draperies

Variants of window treatments for sliders

Do not worry if you think you need some special window treatments for sliders or vertical blinds only, but wish to have something nore original and attractive. Almost all types of curtains, Roman shades and draperies which you can find at window treatments wholesale stores will fit sliding doors made of glass and windows-sliders. The cheapest and the most easy way to provide your privacy is to find wide window […]

creative living room window treatments

Creative window treatments which may change your home atmosphere

Change your home atmosphere and your room “mood” using the various creative window treatments which you can do yourself. It Is very easy and in most cases cheap to make these curtains and windows decoration or shutters. However, these DIY creative window treatments ideas work, and work perfectly – the magical change of your room is guaranteed. Here are some easiest and bold tips how to transfer your home from […]

bamboo window coverings for patio doors

Original bamboo window treatments for your home

Popular today bamboo window treatments are usually called wooden shutters, however bamboo is a grass. It grows so fast that each day becomes 24 inches taller! One year passes and bamboo culms reach their maximum height, then it becomes dry and hard. In three years only it becomes the perfect ‘wooden’ material for making any shutters or bamboo window treatments for sliding glass doors. Such a fast growth makes bamboo […]

window treatments small windows living room

Simple small window treatments ideas

Small size windows can be found in any room of your house, and to find small window treatments for them often becomes a real challenge. Really, most of the formal windows treatments suggest using “classic” full length curtains. However, if you want to find a nice curtain for kitchen or bathroom, it will be enough to buy short window treatments. You need not a long curtain as in bathroom it […]

cheap kitchen window treatments

Cheap window treatments may be luxurious

Even cheap window treatments may look absolutely gorgeous when they are chosen with taste, love and care. It is a big mistake to think that expensive brand curtains or exotic shutters and blinds is a 100% success of your adorable house look. Luxurious pricy curtains may play havoc with you. Imagine the situation when a person has a modest budget and the same modest room furnished with old fashioned units […]