how to make scarf window treatments

Scarf window treatments and other interesting ideas for window decorations

Scarf window treatments are extremely popular nowadays. Such a curtain gives an esthetic and unique style to the window. The effect of lightness and weightlessness is created by a curved top of the curtain, giving an impression of a scarf, put over the shoulders on a warm early spring morning. The scarf can copy the color of the major part of the treatment or be of a contrast color solution. […]

blackout window treatment ideas

Perfect curtains for bedroom: blackout window treatments

Blackout window treatments would be appropriate for the sun bedroom. They will protect from bright light and will weigh down the street noise. But it is better to match also light curtains for bedroom, for example, tulle curtains not to get the room constantly reigned twilight. For allergy sufferers natural fabrics are more suitable – silk, cotton or linen. But such fabrics quickly fade under direct sunlight, so they should […]

bathroom corner window treatments

Corner window treatments – a great solution for bay windows

If such an exquisite architectural technique as bay window is applied to the design of your house, corner window treatments will be the greatest solution for decorating an unusual semicircle window. They may be also helpful when two windows on the adjacent wall make a single corner. Beautiful and stylish corner curtains look elegant and impressive. Such a great panel of fabric as that belonging to corner treatments may change […]

window treatments for rustic home

Rustic window treatments – so different

The look of rustic window treatments is not always rough and they should not look and felt heavy. Some of valance rustic window treatments can be made from calico or muslin. These curtains may also fit interior in country style. Draperies made from flannel work perfectly, plaid and checkered fabric. “Classic” rustic window treatments color scheme is natural. dark green, brown, grey, dark yellow tones fabric is the best choice […]

window treatments ideas for bedrooms

All window treatments ideas can be used

Using the most unusual and sometimes even strange window treatments ideas you may turn an average house into an absolutely unique, cozy and stylish home. Various things can be used as window treatments, even the most “unexpected” stuff. Window treatments give your house finished look. They serve not only for protection or private space and as an additional shield from winds and colds. Window treatments do not let all sun […]

tropical window treatments tampa

Tropical window treatments in a tropical style apartment

Tropical style interior decoration with tropical window treatments is most often used in the southern hotels and salons offering SPA-procedures. But if you come home and want to immerse yourself in a relaxing world of the tropics and feel for a moment the salt spray of the ocean, feel free to create such an interior. Where to start to build a tropical style in the apartment? Let’s start with the […]