insulated window blinds uk

Insulated window treatments – the best sound protection and money saving stuff

Some people call them thermal curtains, the other – insulated window treatments or drapes. However, all these names define the lined window panels which do several very important tasks. They do not let the light in and at the same time reduce the price of conditioning your home inside. Although insulating window treatments costmuch more than any other curtains for windows, they finally save money in your budget. These window […]

hunter douglas sidelight window treatments

Hunter Douglas window treatments for your house

The stunning quality of Hunter Douglas window treatments has been known for a century already. The best Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home have become fabric shades, motorized curtains, roller shades for exterior usage, blinds made from wooden materials and even aluminum. The assortment of these window coverings makes it possible to find any stuff for any window and in any store which deals the company window treatments. The […]

ideas for window treatments on doors

Unique window treatments ideas

Even a dull looking gloomy home may be turned easily to a stylish housing when you “add” some unique window treatments to your interior design. When you hear about cool window treatments it does not mean these curtains are extremely expensive, made from luxurious materials or purchased in fashionable mall stores. Some unusual window treatments will refresh the house look and even home atmosphere. Curtains and blinds are not the […]

beach home window treatments

The best beach window treatments

If you live in a house which is close to the sea shore or opens the view to ocean, you need to think at the beach window treatments choice. The curtains need to be light, leave an airy feeling from your house. They should let the ocean breeze coming inside your home and warm rays of sun penetrating through them. The most popular window treatments for the house near the […]

inexpensive sliding glass door window treatments

Popular sliding glass door window treatments

The most popular sliding glass door window treatments are usual Roman or Venice blinds. They are attached close to the window glass so that the sliding of doors is provided with no problems. The the “blinds between glass” variant sliding glass doors window treatments is the most convenient one. These window treatments for sliding glass doors will be estimated by very busy people. The maintenance of these blinds is a […]

bedroom window treatments photos

Stylish models of bedroom window treatments

Choosing suitable bedroom window treatments it is sometimes difficult to navigate in a variety of fabrics, colors and textures to find the appropriate style of the window in harmony with the interior design of the room. It is mistake to believe that the ready-made window treatments for bedrooms from magazines and expanses of the Internet will look in your bedroom just as perfect as you on the picture. You can […]