how to hang scarf window treatments

Scarf window treatments and other interesting ideas for window decorations

Scarf window treatments are extremely popular nowadays. Such a curtain gives an esthetic and unique style to the window. The effect of lightness and weightlessness is created by a curved top of the curtain, giving an impression of a scarf, put over the shoulders on a warm early spring morning. The scarf can copy the color of the major part of the treatment or be of a contrast color solution. […]

formal dining room window treatments

Dining room window treatments: fashionable design

It is better to avoid dark, too dense tissue for dining room window treatments, which does not transmit the light. It is quite appropriate for this task to choose a bright light fabric, such as organza, tulle, voile, taffeta. Dining room window treatments can be manufactured in a simple, understated style, and can be embellished with different decorative elements. Window treatments for dining room look wonderful with pelmet. The choice […]

formal window treatment styles

How to choose formal window treatments

There are no special rules when you choose your windows treatments, but when buying formal window treatments you have to do it as the room with these curtains is supposed to look stylish and elegant. Material of the formal curtins you want to choose for your room is important. In most cases, you are making your choice to recorate living room. Here silk valance treatments for windows are perfect. However, […]

nautical valances window treatments

Original nautical window treatments ideas

No matter where you live you can bring a piece of a sea side to your home, decorating your room with nautical window treatments and ocean shore rugs. It does not mean you have to choose curtains which are made of shells or use a fishing net instead of a usual window treatment. However, these nautical window treatments ideas live as well. The home owners with a bright fantasy may […]

cornice window treatments instructions

Cornice window treatments – an attribute of sophisticated interiors

Despite universal fascination with minimalistic trends, refined styles of interior, based on classical elements, are always trendy, and cornice window treatments are expressive attributes of sophisticated interiors. Installing such treatments suppose quite complicated individual work of designers and manufacturers because a cornice shade consists of a shade itself and a cornice hiding the mount or a frame, a string and clips. Each of the parts needs to be designed separately […]

window treatments for sliding glass doors ideas

Which window treatments for sliding glass doors it is better to choose

Traditional window treatments for sliding glass doors are “usual” curtains made of fabric. Natural fabric materials are preferable, especially cottom, flax and calico. Fabric curtains give your kitchen more “homey” look. It becomes more pleasant for a home owner and his guests to spend time in this room. Even a housewife, surrounded with nice decor will cook with pleasure. Choosing window treatments for sliding glass door and for your kitchen […]