ideas for window treatments on french doors

Unique window treatments ideas

Even a dull looking gloomy home may be turned easily to a stylish housing when you “add” some unique window treatments to your interior design. When you hear about cool window treatments it does not mean these curtains are extremely expensive, made from luxurious materials or purchased in fashionable mall stores. Some unusual window treatments will refresh the house look and even home atmosphere. Curtains and blinds are not the […]

window treatments using blinds

Asian window treatments in your interior

Asian window treatments allow to give any decor interesting and stylish notes. Should not be limited only to the eastern themes, thinking through the design space with these curtains. It turns out, panel blinds fit perfectly into the modern urban interiors. For these interiors often choose smooth and dense fabric that has in its structure something smooty and shade preference to pastel tones. The most popular are here beige, milk, […]

motorized window shades home theater

Motorized window treatments for home usage

The major consumers of motorized window treatments are elderly and disabled people who meet difficulties when opening and closing curtains when pulling them physically. It is better for them to push the button, and their motorized curtains will be opened automatically. Due to a track an a motorized system the curtains are pulled aside or closed. The motorized curtains cannot be recommended to each person who simply wishes to get […]

custom made window treatments ideas

Custom window treatments – what and where to choose

Not all houses have standard sized windows, so working at such a house interior design it is better to order custom window treatments. You just have to choose the type of your future custom made window treatments, the color you prefer, dimensions. It is recommended to look through the photos of various custom window treatments online and get an idea how this stuff will look like in your room (or […]

diy rustic window treatments

Rustic window treatments – so different

The look of rustic window treatments is not always rough and they should not look and felt heavy. Some of valance rustic window treatments can be made from calico or muslin. These curtains may also fit interior in country style. Draperies made from flannel work perfectly, plaid and checkered fabric. “Classic” rustic window treatments color scheme is natural. dark green, brown, grey, dark yellow tones fabric is the best choice […]

ideas for window treatments on sliding glass doors

Temporary simple window treatments and easy curtains for your home

If for some reason you do not have curtains, but need them urgently, you may organize simple window treatments very fast. There are easy window treatments ideas how to make curtains from old fabric you have at home, without visiting any stores and spending any money. Look through your old table clothes. You may simply fix one of the units to a curtain rod and hang it over the kitchen […]