unique window treatments for arched windows

Unique window treatments ideas

Even a dull looking gloomy home may be turned easily to a stylish housing when you “add” some unique window treatments to your interior design. When you hear about cool window treatments it does not mean these curtains are extremely expensive, made from luxurious materials or purchased in fashionable mall stores. Some unusual window treatments will refresh the house look and even home atmosphere. Curtains and blinds are not the […]

lace window valances swags

Lace Window Treatments: Make Your Interior Amazing

Have you decided to apply lace window treatments in your house interior? If the answer is Yes, then this article will only make you be stable in your decision! Lace fabrics has always been highly appreciated due to the delicate look and at the same time extravagant appearance it possesses. No matter whether you hang lace curtains in your living room or bedroom, your house will instantly acquire a sophisticated […]

shabby chic window treatments ideas

Shabby chic window treatments – what you should know about them

Interest in all varieties of retro style manifested in popular destinations of Shabby chic window treatments. It documented the whole interior and its elements: decor, furniture, curtains. The subject of our interest – in the style of curtains Shabby chic. How they should look and how to choose? So Shabby chic style – is, in fact, an imitation of antiquity. But there can be many Shabby chic window treatments ideas. […]

nautical window treatments ideas

Original nautical window treatments ideas

No matter where you live you can bring a piece of a sea side to your home, decorating your room with nautical window treatments and ocean shore rugs. It does not mean you have to choose curtains which are made of shells or use a fishing net instead of a usual window treatment. However, these nautical window treatments ideas live as well. The home owners with a bright fantasy may […]

outdoor window treatments ideas

The best outdoor window treatments ideas

Decorate your house with beautiful outdoor window treatments and it won’t resemble any other of the buildings in your district or even any house ever. There are various types of exterior window treatments you may use. Decorative shutters will add a stylish look to your house and its walls. Choosing the wooden shutters, paint them or varnish. Depending on the house style you may leave the shutters made from wood […]

motorized window treatments lutron

Motorized window treatments for home usage

The major consumers of motorized window treatments are elderly and disabled people who meet difficulties when opening and closing curtains when pulling them physically. It is better for them to push the button, and their motorized curtains will be opened automatically. Due to a track an a motorized system the curtains are pulled aside or closed. The motorized curtains cannot be recommended to each person who simply wishes to get […]