what window treatments for sliding glass doors

Which window treatments for sliding glass doors it is better to choose

Traditional window treatments for sliding glass doors are “usual” curtains made of fabric. Natural fabric materials are preferable, especially cottom, flax and calico. Fabric curtains give your kitchen more “homey” look. It becomes more pleasant for a home owner and his guests to spend time in this room. Even a housewife, surrounded with nice decor will cook with pleasure. Choosing window treatments for sliding glass door and for your kitchen […]

simple window treatments to sew

Temporary simple window treatments and easy curtains for your home

If for some reason you do not have curtains, but need them urgently, you may organize simple window treatments very fast. There are easy window treatments ideas how to make curtains from old fabric you have at home, without visiting any stores and spending any money. Look through your old table clothes. You may simply fix one of the units to a curtain rod and hang it over the kitchen […]

window treatments ideas with blinds

All window treatments ideas can be used

Using the most unusual and sometimes even strange window treatments ideas you may turn an average house into an absolutely unique, cozy and stylish home. Various things can be used as window treatments, even the most “unexpected” stuff. Window treatments give your house finished look. They serve not only for protection or private space and as an additional shield from winds and colds. Window treatments do not let all sun […]

pictures of corner window treatments

Corner window treatments – a great solution for bay windows

If such an exquisite architectural technique as bay window is applied to the design of your house, corner window treatments will be the greatest solution for decorating an unusual semicircle window. They may be also helpful when two windows on the adjacent wall make a single corner. Beautiful and stylish corner curtains look elegant and impressive. Such a great panel of fabric as that belonging to corner treatments may change […]

nursery room window treatments

Choosing your nursery window treatments

Choosing the nursery window treatments is a real excitement. You are decorating the room for the dearest one in your life – your child. Do it yourself, as not one designer will give the idea better than a loving parent will have. If you have a boy, use these nursery window treatments ideas which may be interested exactly for small mom’s defender. Select curtains with original prints, bright colors. There […]

burlap fabric window treatments

Burlap Window Treatments: Practical And Stylish Variant

Burlap window treatments have become very popular in recent years. Perhaps the reason is that this material is very durable and unique. The thickness of it gives a special charm, while providing great service for many years without losing its color or fresh look. Besides, burlap looks contemporary and stylish, yet can accomplish a traditional and classic interior design equally marvelously! Having such curtains in your kitchen or any other […]