beautiful window treatments ideas

Beautiful window treatments for your home

Even simple pieces of fabric with no patterns, cheap and even used ones can become beautiful window treatments. Everything depends on your taste and your talent to work with styles and details. The word “beautiful” never meant “expensive”. The beauty is the ability to match styles and proportions. If you feel you can’t afford brand fashionable luxurious and modern treatments for windows – blinds, draperies or some contemporary shades, work […]

wood valances window treatments

Wood window treatments – the best “curtains” matching any interior

While many home owners sincerely consider the best decision for cheap window blinds using plastic units, wood window treatments may become the better and more stylish decision for your home interior. The wooden blinds can be made from various materials starting from real wood, bamboo, wooden composition and ending with original resins which are wooden composite. Today bamboo wooden window treatments remain the most popular and the cheapest ones.The wood […]

energy saving window treatment ideas

Types of energy saving window treatments

There are several types of energy saving window treatments which help to save the warmth inside the house and thus saving your money on electric bills. Insulated shades ( often called Roman shades) refer to the most energy efficient window treatments. Although initially they are not cheap, with time they do really work on your budget savings. The construction of these energy saving window treatments is “complicated” with several layers […]

unique fabric window treatments

Fabric window treatments for your room

Choosing fabric window treatments pay attention at fabric type, its color and thickness. Take into account if fabric for window treatments is patterned or solid. Many home owners are mistaken to think that only certain types of fabrics may be used for curtains. In reality fabric window treatments – draperies, valances, shutters made from various materials may be used. And the fabric may be made even from grass – bamboo, […]

window treatments with shades and curtains

How to choose curtains and window treatments

When you work at your home interior design and want to choose the best (in your oppinion) curtains and window treatments you should decide first which type of curtains will fit better each of your house rooms. Blinds which have become classic window treatments will perfectly match your home office design. They may be used in bathroom or in your kitchen. However, do not pick blinds for a living room. […]

entrance door window treatments

Door window treatments ideas you can use

The door window treatments are mostly needed for protection your privacy. However, each home owner wishes to live in a beautiful house, so even the curtains for windows should be stylish and match the rest of your home decor and house interior. In case you have decided to stop at usual curtains from lace or any other light material or fabric, choose the one which matches the floor patterns and […]