7 beautiful window treatments for bedrooms

Beautiful window treatments for your home

Even simple pieces of fabric with no patterns, cheap and even used ones can become beautiful window treatments. Everything depends on your taste and your talent to work with styles and details. The word “beautiful” never meant “expensive”. The beauty is the ability to match styles and proportions. If you feel you can’t afford brand fashionable luxurious and modern treatments for windows – blinds, draperies or some contemporary shades, work […]

lace window treatment with cornflour

Lace Window Treatments: Make Your Interior Amazing

Have you decided to apply lace window treatments in your house interior? If the answer is Yes, then this article will only make you be stable in your decision! Lace fabrics has always been highly appreciated due to the delicate look and at the same time extravagant appearance it possesses. No matter whether you hang lace curtains in your living room or bedroom, your house will instantly acquire a sophisticated […]

window treatments with bamboo shades

Design ideas of interior: window treatments shades

Roman shades – an excellent variant to ponder when trying to choose window treatments shades. It can be a little stunning with so many variants of window treatments to choose. Would you like to have privacy, which provide blinds? Would you like to have the cordiality and color of the cornices? If you are having some problems thinking then you would like to consider roman shades, which really reconcile the […]

hunter douglas window treatments costco

Hunter Douglas window treatments for your house

The stunning quality of Hunter Douglas window treatments has been known for a century already. The best Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home have become fabric shades, motorized curtains, roller shades for exterior usage, blinds made from wooden materials and even aluminum. The assortment of these window coverings makes it possible to find any stuff for any window and in any store which deals the company window treatments. The […]

window treatments for kitchens valances

Choosing window treatments for kitchen

When you need window treatments for kitchen think about the type of the curtains material and its color. As the kitchen is the place where you cook (at least sometimes), deal with products and drinks, it should be lit well. Thus kitchen window treatments should be better made from light colored natural material. You can pick up flax, cotton or denim. The curtains material has to be be non-flammable, washable […]

types of window treatments for patio doors

How to choose the best one between many types of window treatments

There are several types of window treatments you may use to “dress” your windows. Interior designers suggest choosing different types of window treatments for each room individually, in accordance with specific privacy and light requirements. Bedrooms, located on the first floor usually require more privacy; daylighting is also important for the bedroom. Draperies, especially floor-to-ceiling ones, are the best choice, as the entire wall of fabric offers privacy and allows […]