contemporary living room beautiful window treatments

Beautiful window treatments for your home

Even simple pieces of fabric with no patterns, cheap and even used ones can become beautiful window treatments. Everything depends on your taste and your talent to work with styles and details. The word “beautiful” never meant “expensive”. The beauty is the ability to match styles and proportions. If you feel you can’t afford brand fashionable luxurious and modern treatments for windows – blinds, draperies or some contemporary shades, work […]

large living room window treatments

Graber window treatments for your house

Choosing Graber window treatments you vote for the best quality and may be sure the product you picked up will serve you with no problems for dozens of years. Ordering large window treatments at Graber you may feel at a lost first, as each shade or blind of the company is an awesome decision to treat any of your home windows. Do not worry – the specialists of the company […]

bay window treatments dining room

Bow window treatments and several ideas for door windows decorations

Bow window treatments are appropriate for stylish and chic interiors. This way of window treatment gives elegant and rich effect. Such treatment is ideal for a living room. The decoration is recognized by the hanging patterns of the curtains, sometimes in a way of a scarf on the cornice accomplished by the traditional curtains on the sides. Sometimes, this style is presented by folded fabric that can be loosed if […]

insulated sliding glass door window treatments

Popular sliding glass door window treatments

The most popular sliding glass door window treatments are usual Roman or Venice blinds. They are attached close to the window glass so that the sliding of doors is provided with no problems. The the “blinds between glass” variant sliding glass doors window treatments is the most convenient one. These window treatments for sliding glass doors will be estimated by very busy people. The maintenance of these blinds is a […]

living room:dining room window treatments

Living Room Window Treatments: Deciding On Splendid Curtains

The living room is the focus of attention in any dwelling, be that a house or apartment; that’s why living room window treatments should be chosen to accentuate the extraordinary purpose of the space, to make it festive and solemn. Every guest or friend of yours, everyone present should feel warm and cozy in this room, while its design is expected to be balanced and harmonious. Any option of window […]

basement window coverings ideas

Working at basement window treatments design

As a rule basement window treatments differ a bit from usual curtains or blinds you use in a living room or your dorm. The windows in basement are smaller than regular windows in the rest of your house (excluding bathroom windows). Basement window treatments picture with the curtains, blinds and shutters closed does not differ much from the usual windows picture. The difference between windows in basements view and view […]