window treatments ideas with scarves

All window treatments ideas can be used

Using the most unusual and sometimes even strange window treatments ideas you may turn an average house into an absolutely unique, cozy and stylish home. Various things can be used as window treatments, even the most “unexpected” stuff. Window treatments give your house finished look. They serve not only for protection or private space and as an additional shield from winds and colds. Window treatments do not let all sun […]

window treatments solar shades

Design ideas of interior: window treatments shades

Roman shades – an excellent variant to ponder when trying to choose window treatments shades. It can be a little stunning with so many variants of window treatments to choose. Would you like to have privacy, which provide blinds? Would you like to have the cordiality and color of the cornices? If you are having some problems thinking then you would like to consider roman shades, which really reconcile the […]

english cottage window treatments

Cottage window treatments patterns and prints

Choosing cottage window treatments think simple. These curtains should be made of natural fabric with variety of small patterns – polka dots, flowers, checkered or plaid fabric or solid fabric with hand-made embroidery. Using a cottage treatment you may decorate it with ribbons or small bows. Never buy heavy drapes for cottage style curtains. Give preference to pastel and natural light colors as hues of blue, green, beige, off-white color […]

cheap window treatments ideas

Cheap window treatments may be luxurious

Even cheap window treatments may look absolutely gorgeous when they are chosen with taste, love and care. It is a big mistake to think that expensive brand curtains or exotic shutters and blinds is a 100% success of your adorable house look. Luxurious pricy curtains may play havoc with you. Imagine the situation when a person has a modest budget and the same modest room furnished with old fashioned units […]

diy rustic window treatments

Rustic window treatments – so different

The look of rustic window treatments is not always rough and they should not look and felt heavy. Some of valance rustic window treatments can be made from calico or muslin. These curtains may also fit interior in country style. Draperies made from flannel work perfectly, plaid and checkered fabric. “Classic” rustic window treatments color scheme is natural. dark green, brown, grey, dark yellow tones fabric is the best choice […]

rustic bathroom window treatments

Bathroom window treatments will assure your privacy

Bathroom window treatments combine two main functions: they provide privacy and beautify the bathroom. Also, good window treatments for bathrooms have to let the natural light in. Choosing window treatments for bathroom, you have to consider that the bathroom is often humid and moist. You have to find the window treatments that won’t be damaged by the wet steam and temperature difference. Many fabrics are unsuitable for the bathroom, however, […]