window treatment ideas without curtains

All window treatments ideas can be used

Using the most unusual and sometimes even strange window treatments ideas you may turn an average house into an absolutely unique, cozy and stylish home. Various things can be used as window treatments, even the most “unexpected” stuff. Window treatments give your house finished look. They serve not only for protection or private space and as an additional shield from winds and colds. Window treatments do not let all sun […]

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Choosing window treatments for kitchen

When you need window treatments for kitchen think about the type of the curtains material and its color. As the kitchen is the place where you cook (at least sometimes), deal with products and drinks, it should be lit well. Thus kitchen window treatments should be better made from light colored natural material. You can pick up flax, cotton or denim. The curtains material has to be be non-flammable, washable […]

home window treatment ideas

Home window treatments

In the decor of any room windows play a key role, that’s why home window treatments are very important. They visually widen the walls, fill the room with light and air. Window design, in particular, curtains and blinds have great value in the complete image of the interior. Therefore, you must know how to choose window treatments because the curtains should be selected based on the general concept of design. […]

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Bow window treatments and several ideas for door windows decorations

Bow window treatments are appropriate for stylish and chic interiors. This way of window treatment gives elegant and rich effect. Such treatment is ideal for a living room. The decoration is recognized by the hanging patterns of the curtains, sometimes in a way of a scarf on the cornice accomplished by the traditional curtains on the sides. Sometimes, this style is presented by folded fabric that can be loosed if […]

pretty window treatments ideas

Beautiful window treatments for your home

Even simple pieces of fabric with no patterns, cheap and even used ones can become beautiful window treatments. Everything depends on your taste and your talent to work with styles and details. The word “beautiful” never meant “expensive”. The beauty is the ability to match styles and proportions. If you feel you can’t afford brand fashionable luxurious and modern treatments for windows – blinds, draperies or some contemporary shades, work […]

beach themed window treatment ideas

The best beach window treatments

If you live in a house which is close to the sea shore or opens the view to ocean, you need to think at the beach window treatments choice. The curtains need to be light, leave an airy feeling from your house. They should let the ocean breeze coming inside your home and warm rays of sun penetrating through them. The most popular window treatments for the house near the […]