Trends in window treatments popular today

This year the main trends in window treatments include various innovations which were not used widely before. First of all, one of the directions the designers and manufacturers payed much attention became motorized window treatments. The motorized system mechanism is advanced now which reduces the possibility of curtains “jam”.

New standards for kids safety were approved – now traditional window treatments are more safe for children and exclude most of injuries possibilities. Much attention was payed to energy efficient thermal window treatments. These window treatments are supposed to save much money for you as they help to store the warmth inside the room when it is cold outside and do not let too much heat coming inside home when hot summer comes. The modern trend of this year is multi-layer curtain or window treatments which is made of several layers.

trends in kitchen window treatments

Elegant transom window treatments for smaller windows which are placed above the larger windows have become popular. Beautiful Tuscan window treatments with warm scheme of colors and made of natural materials comes back to the houses. Now these window treatments can be used not in your kitchen only, but in the living room or your kids’ room. Gorgeous two story window treatments for luxurious houses and country residences will fantastically decorate a big rich housing making it resembling a palace.

Choose awesome turquoise window treatments for a glamorous living room or dining room with high ceilings and tall windows. This glorious clor shade will work perfectly for beach window treatments as well.

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