Variants of window treatments for sliders

Do not worry if you think you need some special window treatments for sliders or vertical blinds only, but wish to have something nore original and attractive. Almost all types of curtains, Roman shades and draperies which you can find at window treatments wholesale stores will fit sliding doors made of glass and windows-sliders.

The cheapest and the most easy way to provide your privacy is to find wide window treatments and attach the unit over the sliding window. Venetian blinds will be a perfect choice. You can open (slide aside) the window even when the blinds are pulled down. The fresh air and enough light will penetrate through these window treatments into the room. Another good way to “treat” sliding windows is to buy shades and install them above the window (or a door-slider).

window treatments for glass sliders

The easiest “non-curtains” variant to provide the privacy is attaching a film to the windows’ glass. It can be a film which will give the glass “stained” or “frosted” look. The light will pass, but nothing will be seen through the glass of sliders.

This variant of window coverings is also good if you are not excited to take off curtains for making laundry, ironing them and hanging them back. Just wipe from time to time filmed glass, and your windows will be always clean. If you love when light penetrates to the room from outside, but have to keep your curtains closed, choose light or even white window treatments.

This choice makes possible sun light coming inside the room even if the blinds, shades or curtains are down. The color scheme of window top treatments should be also very light.

window treatments for triple sliders

22 Photos of the Variants of window treatments for sliders

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