Working at basement window treatments design

As a rule basement window treatments differ a bit from usual curtains or blinds you use in a living room or your dorm. The windows in basement are smaller than regular windows in the rest of your house (excluding bathroom windows).

Basement window treatments picture with the curtains, blinds and shutters closed does not differ much from the usual windows picture. The difference between windows in basements view and view through the house windows is in that you see mostly the ground and even feet of people walking behind your window. Sometimes you may be lucky to see sky, bushes outside and grass. It will be good if your make window treatments which are lighter or even transparent in their top and darker in their bottom part. The basement treatments for windows should be made in a way to let the light in and at the same time provide privacy hiding your life scenes from the curious eyes. Use blinds made in light tones.

window treatments basement windows

Shutters will be good. If you look at the pictures of window treatments you will see that you may “treat” the window glass itself. The protective mirror film which is attached on the glass works cool. From outside your windows seems nothing but a mirror, from inside the basement you may watch everything going in your yard around the window. You may use decals and sprays to provide some privacy and at the same time let the light coming inside the basement. Draperies may be used, even the long ones. So when these draperies are closed, the basement room does not differ visually from the rest rooms of your house.

24 Photos of the Working at basement window treatments design

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